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Tha Day

Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 at 5:05 pm

In 60 minutes, results of the election will start becoming public. The mood will begin to change.

I ordered a couple of pair of bones today, the last two wood options in stock, Tunwood (red cedar) and Red Sisham (rosewood variant). The tun is soft and light, a muted tone for quiet sets. The sisham is vibrant and crisp. So my collection of minstrel bones will be as complete as possible. Working on the mad money early this month.

The WP editor quit working in Safari, and it doesn’t publish in Firefox, so I’m having to switch to the iPad to post. Nothing to my knowledge has changed in terms of settings since yesterday, so it’s puzzling. I even tried reinstalling WP. As far as I can tell from the console, it’s a javascript in includes not jiving with ports. Only the editor is affected. Everything else works.

Feeling better today, not a full 100%, but getting close.

I killed off the pastrami. So either I make baked potato soup, eggs ackley, or I eat out of the freezer.