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Ignoring the news

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 2:09 am

I have been limiting my exposure to the news today. Basic facts and a quick scan has been it. I don’t need the anxiety.

I have been sleeping as much as I can to flush the toxins. Not sleeping long enough to get a full flush, and I woke with a headache. The kidneys will do their job.

I got the eggs ackley and baked potato soup made. I need a third dish to balance the nutrients. Considering shrimp/chicken penne alfedo. Not in a big hurry, though. I need to do some whittling on the two I’ve got in the fridge. Plenty of alternatives in the freezer.

I have decided to do a spice culling. A lot of the rare use items are too stale or spoiled and need refreshing. I won’t replace everything, a portion I’ll toss and wait until I need it again, but some will.

USPS tracking is the pits right now. Not surprised. Not in a hurry for any of it, so I just wait.