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Pick ups

Posted on Saturday, November 7th, 2020 at 11:31 pm

An eventful Saturday. AP called Biden president elect today. Tonight, pick up trucks are being revved out all over town, a primal scream of denial. I am staying home. I don’t want to be out with that much unbridled angst.

It was also the day I got the new 8” spoons (ebony and vermillion) and new minstrel bones (tun and sisham). I split the bone bag in two, minstrels and flats. I also ordered a pair of Pea Patch wide rosewood minstrel bones. Ebony and rosewood were the primary bones of the 19th century, and the collection felt shy without them, even if these are big honkers.

The great spice purge and replace took place Friday. Around 20 new containers in the spice box. It hasn’t made me want to cook. But the ackley and soup are sufficing. I’ll use them soon enough. The last month has dominated the kitchen with an “as needed” mentality, cooking the item needed next in line to achieve recovery. It wasn’t about taste, though I managed to keep it acceptable. Now that my body is back to nominal, it’s difficult to shift focus to taste and nutrition as the primaries. The mood to prep hasn’t returned yet.

Still no word on the dowels.