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Hubba hubba

Posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at 2:33 am

I am back up to full steam again, finally. It has been six weeks since I felt this good, and I was partying at the time. I have managed to knock the chores down in succession. Finally back in the game.

I like the sisham bones. They have a feel that I like, solid mass, good tone, plenty of speed. A good rhythm mate for the tigerwood pair. The Pea Patch rosewood pair are currently in the St Louis USPS hub.

Starting to see room in the freezer. Thawed pulled pork, boudin, and a chicken quarter (penne alfredo). I’ll be sandwich oriented during this warm period. A few days into a week of highs in the low 80s. Very nice.

Gave Myka her new scratch pad. I put the old one from the office in the living room, at the point of ”ear central”, where everything inside and outside the house can be heard. Myka has parked herself on it, her new favorite spot. She ignores the new one.