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Out like a clam

Posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 at 9:40 am

Been spending the last of the month at home. Got all the chores done. An occasional odd sensation, mostly lymph nodes complaining, a little tiredness, a tinge of headache, lingering from the vaccination. But that’s mostly behind me. Overall, I’m doing well.

An RV showed up out front last night. Not mine. I hope it doesn’t present a trash pickup problem.

It seems that my stimulus deposit will happen this coming weekend and clear a week from now, on the 7th. That is okay by me. Paycheck clears after midnight. In good shape financially.

I plan on getting the Boston butt slow cooked today. Haven’t started yet but I’m not in a hurry. Doesn’t take a lot of effort to rub the roast, spice the broth, and chop up an onion. It will take more work to rearrange the freezer for it and package it for freezing. Jambalaya will be part of the rearranging (thawing). I will be getting more fried chicken from Church’s, using a coupon before it expires. That will top off the freezer.

The wind is turning around to the north and picking up, the arrival of the front that will drop temps for the next three days. After that, we’ll be seeing consistent 80s. I got the house closed up while it was still warm. Haven’t layered up yet, but otherwise I’m set. Had a long soak yesterday in prep, and the laundry done. This should be the last cool spell for some time, like September or October.


Posted on Sunday, March 28th, 2021 at 9:22 pm

Just got back from a store run that capped a do nothing weekend. I killed the mad money for quite some time, in all likelihood. I got a Craftsman ratcheting screwdriver that uses drill tips (flat, phillips, torx, allen, square, etc). A handy tool when a drill is a little too bulky. It has an extending socket for variable length, and a left/locked/right ratchet. A handy tool, and I already have a bunch of tips to go with the 24 that came with it.

I also got some magnets to hold my receipt bag against the filing cabinet. They are magnitudes stronger than the ones that were on it (chip bag clips). Well worth the $2.50 I paid. The total put me three dollars under limit.

I also got a 9.8 lb Boston butt. I was out of pulled pork in the freezer. I forewent the pork loin and ground chuck, as I already have sufficient pork tenderloin and chuck in the freezer. So that takes care of the store runs and bills for the rest of the month (3 days).

Made the tuna mac, much to Myka’s delight. So it’s that and risotto as the primaries. Plenty of secondary options. Pulled pork and jambalaya are approaching. I found a Church’s chicken coupon page that expires April 4th. *sigh* As if I need more fried chicken.

I have pretty much gotten over the odd sensations from the second vaccination, though there will be a stray one here or there, mostly respiratory. I have been using arnica on the shoulders and knees, and it has helped considerably. They have both been very dense, like I’ve been juggling truck tires while squat dancing for Olympic training.

There was a high temp on Saturday of 83°F. Today, it managed 70°F. More ping pong this coming week.

Friday night

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2021 at 10:22 pm

10 pm, 77°F, windows open. A nice day.

However, the side effects of the vaccination still linger slightly. Not intense, but still there. I broke down this afternoon and used ibuprofen, about 44 hours after the onset of the side effects, about 53 hours after the injection. I am slowly coming around.

The second injection invokes the immune response of the first injection, which is why it’s more intense. And the stronger the immune system, the stronger the response. So I’m still pretty ornery.

Made risotto tonight. I still have half a cup of milk left. Tuna mac, maybe. Myka would be thrilled with TJ. Still have a serving of gravy left. Still haven’t thought sufficiently about the Boston butt and pork loin. I’ll get around to it in the next four days, before the sale ends.

Been a sit around home day, eating and sleeping. I had no reason to leave the premises. Chores are done. (I have a pot to wash, after it soaks a little longer.) Just a hang around and let it wear off kind of day.


Posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 at 12:16 pm

The wildflowers are out. It’s not a strong year. While the flowers are there to a fairly decent degree, the weeds got a head start on them. So the display is not prime, sort of mixed in with the green. But it’s refreshing. It’s spring.

It was refreshing to get out of the house after a night of vaccine side effects. Mix grr and ugh, and it’s pretty close. I slept as much as I could, fewer hours to experience it. It’s not so much stamina as it is focus that is suffering. I can do chores, but playing music is not in the cards. It’s not dire, but it’s intense and unavoidable when awake. Muscle aches, a mild headache, etc. The worst was the organ responses, throat and glands, trachea, lungs, etc, but they only lasted a few minutes and went away. I still have one kicking immune system. I’ll survive.

Myka nipped my arm last night and is feles non grata. She is having a hard time accepting that. I was wearing a denim shirt, so no blood. I don’t want to be grouchy, but she isn’t leaving me much room to be otherwise. Brat.

The jury is still out on the jam tonight. I’m not in a musical mood now. But that could change.

Windows are open, sunny, mid 70s, gentle breeze.

Fajita chicken tacos for lunch.

I made the jam and performed about two and a half hours. My voice was rather weak, both from lack of use and from the vaccination. There were six leaders, though not at once. But it allowed me to rest my voice between songs and extend my session. But I did get asked, “Got one?” So that has been checked off my list.

My next door neighbor was there. He’s a good singer, a solid tenor. I won’t have to hold back singing now, to get my voice back in shape. Lynn was there as well, good seeing and playing with her. And several of the regulars were there. So plenty of familiar faces.

Next jam is a week away. I will have to practice.

Twice jabbed, once spry

Posted on Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 at 1:02 pm

Got my second vaccination today. The first time took two hours, due to doubling up for a make up date from the freeze. Today’s took 30 minutes, including the 15 minute reaction wait. No negative reaction yet, though I can definitely feel it working.

I did some reading on Moderna and the variants. The base injection handles the UK and US variants almost as well as the original. The South African and Brazilian are not handled as well (but better than most flu shots), but it prevents severe illness and death. However, there are only three of the SA and two of the B verified in the state of Texas. Not enough to even consider at this point. So I consider myself protected for the nonce. (Emphasis on “nonce”.) I can return to a social life.

I sent a scan of the CDC card to my primary, for their records, as requested. That closes the red tape for the month. (Unless I get my stimulus deposit, and that one requires no effort on my part, for now.)

Store run, rounding out the selection. Flautas was the main item, smoked turkey, and Myka got fresh treats. It was mostly munchies, though. I didn’t make any decisions about the pork loin, Boston butt, or ground chuck yet. (And unrelated to protein…) Mad money is almost gone.

Laundry, ice bin, and recycling are the only chores for today. Windows are open, low 70s, but it’s overcast. It should warm to upper 70s this afternoon. Looks like a pretty lazy afternoon.

The blue bonnets were popping along the road to the fairgrounds today. I might make a run out Industrial and see how they’re doing. Not much of the other flowers yet, but they will come around in time.

I am ready to shift my efforts from recovery to revelry. The last five weeks have been demanding. If I put even a fraction of that effort into partying, I will be making up for the last year in style. And it will be self-inflicted.

The side effects are a bit more pronounced after the second injection, mostly aches and fatigue. The unusual part is the spot aches, lungs, trachea, throat and glands, liver, lymph nodes. They happen for a couple of minutes and then go away. And the generally sore parts of my body tend to be the parts that were sore from working on the truck or are often sore from day to day, shoulders, arms, thighs, knees. No fever yet, though I do at times feel a tad chilled. But instead of feverish, it’s chilled, cold hands, other exposed places to drafts. While I’m not inclined to leave the house like this, I’m capable of doing whatever needs doing.

But this is a good thing, as it’s a sign that the first dose was effective in creating the antibody generation effect. That is quite reassuring. So I’ll endure them, let them run their course. Hopefully they will have subsided by tomorrow evening’s jam session.

In reg

Posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 at 2:11 pm

The truck was inspected and registered today. The sticker is on the windshield.

Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba. A beautiful day for it. Blue sky, 77°F, mild breeze, windows open. Wildflowers are starting to crank it up.

Second vaccination tomorrow morning. I do not want to miss that.

A nice soak, put the truck biz behind me. Laundry, trash tonight. Rest of the chores are done.

HEB put pork loin and Boston butt on sale for $1/lb. Ground chuck, $2.77. How dare they? They have to know that I’m low on all three and don’t have room for 25 lbs in the freezer. The nerve! And here I was about to make a store run.

Boil and bubble

Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2021 at 10:31 pm

I cooked today. Okay, okay, it was just sausage gravy, but it was cooking. More to come, now that I have broken the chain. Washing dishes will require momentum.

It was a moist day, so I didn’t bleed the brakes. I still have ample time. Tomorrow’s weather looks promising.

It wasn’t a totally lazy day, but it was no barn burner. Planted a new tray of oat grass. The one I planted last week has sprouted. I should be able to harvest by the end of the week. Chores are done (except dishes).

Windows were open, around 73°F, a modest breeze from the south.

A busy week ahead. Bleed brakes, inspect truck, truck registration, recycling, second vaccination, jam at the Pioneer. And that is the short list.

Hammer and dip

Posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2021 at 5:28 pm

I went to Lowe’s twice today, to get 2 cans of Plasti Dip and 2 hammers (14″ 22 oz deluxe straight claw and 14″ 4 lb blunt). The dip is for pliers and crescent wrenches, and a screwdriver or two. The hammers are for when I’ll need a specialty hammer. Don’t ask me when. I decided that hand tool upgrades would be a good place for the last month of mad money.

I also just went and got a script refill, making it the third venture for the day. I am having a hard time pin pointing the last time that I drove from the house to at least a mile away, for three times during a single span of daylight. At least a year. The blown radiator hose on the truck was only twice, and the second time wasn’t a mile away. Life is indeed changing.

Cornbread, chicken fajita, butter, pastrami, etc. Grocery run tied to the first venture, half a dozen items. I will get back to cooking one of these days. Won’t be long. But I will do well in the meantime.

I am focused on bleeding the brakes and inspecting the truck tomorrow. Maybe even getting the registration sticker. I’ve spent enough time and energy on the truck, I want it behind me. The driving has taught me a number of things about the truck, and it’s ready to roll, as soon as the brakes are firmer. It’s starting perfectly in less than a second. It handles well. It’s nominal.

The weather forecast is looking better for Wednesday morning. Forecast says 0.03″ of rain. That will not muddy the field at the fairgrounds. Afternoon is a different story, but I’ll be gone by then. I hope it holds. I don’t want a mudfest for my second vaccination.

Windows have been open most of the day, mid 70s. Lovely spring day.

Tidy Truck™

Posted on Saturday, March 20th, 2021 at 3:37 pm

I still haven’t given the brakes the final bleed, though I’m not ruling out today. There is still a few hours of daylight left. But my big achievement of the day was to arrange the contents of the back of the pickup, including the toolbox. I even got the wrenches sorted by descending size. I got all the fluids nice and properly packed, easily accessible. It’s the way it should be.

I found my Klein needle nose pliers, buried down in the toolbox, though they need new grips. I guess I’ll get some handle dip. I have four pliers that could use it, plus some crescents. I’m avoiding a store run today, even though I have a few things on the list. None are essential. It’s Saturday.

I’m starting to come around. I haven’t been totally lazy, but I’ve been avoiding high energy expenditures. I’ve been sleeping without hesitation (well, a couple of Myka based hesitations). Shoulders are still a little sore, but not badly.

I’ll get around to cooking eventually.


Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 at 4:21 pm

The 1/4″ tubing I got was too large, so I got some 3/16″ today, along with a new pair of heavy needle nose pliers. I have no idea what happened to my Kleins from days begone. I might bleed the brakes today, if I feel like it. I might, might not. There is always tomorrow. I have plenty of time to spare.

Airport says 66°F, thermometer in the window says 70°F. It’s sunny, breezy. The windows are open. Myka is pleased.

Today is a lazy day, despite the store run. Snoozed a lot while it was cool.

Got gas to top off the tank. I selected regular, it gave me super at 50¢/gal extra. At least it was only 5 gallons.


Posted on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 at 7:14 pm

I got a set (7) of metric wrenches today. I have plenty of metric sockets, but I never replaced the metric wrenches from back in the day when they sprouted legs. I may never use them, considering how long I went without them, but they’re there if needed. I also got some 1/4″ vinyl tubing for the final bleed of the brakes.

Before hand, I open bled the brakes. They stop solid before the pedal hits the floor, with room for my other foot beneath the pedal. That will pass inspection, but I want better. I am done for inspection, I could take it in tomorrow, but I want the truck a little better. I have plenty of time. But I will probably try to have it inspected and registered this week or first of next week if I get too lazy.

All my bills have registered on my bank account. Nothing is left to add to it except the stimulus, but it looks like it will be a bit later, TBD from what I’ve read. No hurry.

I was going to get gas, but the stations were either sold out or had lines preventing access. No hurry, 4 – 5 gallons maybe. I added the injector cleaner and wanted to top it off for that.

I got some Church’s spicy and spicy rice on the way home. I’d been thinking about it. 2 pieces in me, 2 in the fridge, 6 in the freezer. I still have 4 pieces of Popeye’s in the freezer.

Temperature is dropping. Edged on 80°F today, but it’s cooling slowly, 72°F near sunset. It will be 60s/40s for the rest of the week/weekend.

Bluebonnets are popping up in the yard across the street. The truck is in shape for a scenic cruise.


Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 at 10:59 am

Today is the day I intend to finally end a two year of procrastination and rebuild the shifter.

I took Sunday and Monday off to build steam after last week’s endeavors. It was needed R&R. The body is in much better shape, though there are still minor aches and pains across the upper back from tire juggling. I haven’t returned to cooking yet, but I’m focusing my physical efforts on getting the truck inspected.

There is a movement afoot to start Music School again for those of us who have been vaccinated.

Still no sign of the stimulus deposit yet. But I have traditionally been later in the list, and the IRS has been swamped with numerous issues during tax season. Not in a big hurry, as long as it gets here.

It’s definitely spring. The windows stayed open all night, 70s and 80s during sunlight hours. New green is starting to show. I planted a new tray of oat grass seed for Myka, as the ones I started in September are turning spotty brown as it starts to go to seed.

Done, after two years hesitation. I only made two mistakes that were reversible without harm. And I got there. Getting the three allen bolts out with a hammer and chisel was the tough part. Now I have a new habit to learn.

All the old parts removed.

Now trash to the curb and I’m done for the day. I may bleed the brake tomorrow, either here or take it in. I could take it out for a spin. Wouldn’t hurt to blow out the injectors.


Posted on Sunday, March 14th, 2021 at 4:42 pm

I am all warn out. Juggling tires is something most people my age leave to others, as was evident by the roadside assistance out in front of the house today. I went out afterward and gave the driver-front lugs a post spin tightening, despite the ache across my shoulder blades from juggling that same tire multiple times.

First day of DST. I just adjusted the clock on the microwave, 13 hours late. It is indeed a lazy day, one well deserved. Besides, it’s 60°F and was raining earlier, 20°F cooler than yesterday. Not particularly inspiring, even if I wasn’t feeling the effort of the previous weeks.

No sign of the stimulus deposit yet, but it’s still early and not likely to clear until mid-week. I still have the truck on my mind. Bleed, shifter, tire, inspection. I still have a couple weeks.

Pulled pork in the kitchen sink thawing. Planning on sausage gravy today, if I can get it going.

Tempted to go get the core deposit back on the caliper, just for the sake of going somewhere. Getting out of the house after being homebound for a month is a strong urge. Several times, I was aware that nothing is on the shopping list.


Posted on Saturday, March 13th, 2021 at 1:37 pm

Made a store run today, will make another one later today to get a second prescription that hadn’t been filled yet. (Got a text on it already, charger on the battery.) The brake is soft, needs bleeding some, but not leaking. No brake or ABS light on the dashboard, it will pass inspection when bled. Whew! The fuel injectors need cleaning, having sat idle for weeks, and this is the season for ultra rich starts. I’ll get Sea Foam (and extras). I’ll take it out on the highway when I get it bled. Then the shifter rebuild. It’s getting there.

Being in crowds is something I’ll need to get used to again. Only 5% of the people I saw were bare faced, not that much different from what it was. People without attitudes are still being careful.

Anyway, I have plumbing and transportation again, and I’m vaccinated. Spring time too. (Left the windows open all night.) Life is getting back to normal. Food in the fridge. I’m about to get a new MacBook Pro. What’s to complain about?


Posted on Friday, March 12th, 2021 at 12:44 pm

The replaced…

New caliper and flex hose.

The challenge…

On bottom, remove ABS tubing, remove clamp, remove old hose end.

Hopefully it will be road ready this afternoon.



Assembled!!!! Bled!!!!

About to test on the street.

Needs some snugging on the hose to caliper. Still a little air in the line. Otherwise it’s good. ABS is balanced.

I’m done for the day. I’ll finish tomorrow.

Both scripts are ready for pick up. I’ll get them tomorrow when I have the brakes finished and tested.

Bath and laundry next.


Posted on Thursday, March 11th, 2021 at 4:33 pm

The caliper is on, the flex hose is connected to the master cylinder, but it’s not connected to the ABS balancer feed. Road gunk, a stubborn clip, and a blind double panel is what is slowing me down. I just sprayed the gunk with Purple Power.

I am taking a prolonged break. Tire is back on, snug but not tight. Everything is in safety position. I might or might not make an attempt to finish it today. I got a lot accomplished, so I don’t feel like I have short changed myself. My muscles are a bit sore. I’m tired. I’d as soon let the dripping dry out. I only want to put the tire on one more time. I’m almost there, but it might run over until tomorrow anyway. Devil is in the details.

I don’t need to go anywhere today. I no longer need to make store runs early or late, though it’s what I naturally choose, no crowds competing for the aisles. I have a list, but nothing is needed now. And I’m not in the mood to hike box stores this afternoon. The real incentive is taking a bath and doing laundry when I’m done.

Incentive deposit is touted as being this weekend. The ARP bill was signed into law today. Laptop on the horizon…

Well, the break was prolonged enough to last the rest of daylight. I need to give my hands a Dawn scrub with a brush.

Minor glitch

Posted on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 at 4:13 pm

The hose arrived, however it wouldn’t snug up to the connection point on the caliper. The guide is too tight for the edge, so I will have to file down the edge just a tad. I pulled the tire and double checked the parts, they are both the correct parts, and I was trying to assemble them correctly. So the late in the day arrival of the hose is of no major consequence. Tomorrow will be the day for the swap. Tonight will be modification prep, getting the caliper and the hose to mesh properly. The tire is back on the truck, snugged but not tightened.

One good thing, the bolt that was supplied with the caliper is a banjo bolt with the copper washers, all new. I won’t need to reuse the old one. So the only thing I need to remove from the old caliper is the pair of brake pads. So I am ready to perform the swap tomorrow, once I shave a little off the caliper bracket (thick industrial paint).

The low tonight is forecast for 66°F, which means an early start in the morning. I’m ready to proceed and regain my wheels. Vrooooom!

It’s been a pretty easy day today. Windows opened at 9 am. Southerly breeze, partly cloudy, beautiful spring day, reached 80°F. Still not cooking, but not complaining. No shortage of quick fix. Boudin, Popeye’s, tamales, tacos, and that is just the fridge.

Congress passed the COVID act. Deposit next week. Truck has attention priority over the laptop. But the truck should be inspected and registered next week. I want both soon, definitely before April first. I might need a new tire, good use for mad money. Then again, mad money becomes moot until at least June, probably July or August or later, if I get the laptop before the first.

I managed to get the caliper and hose connected snuggly, sufficient pressure to press the copper washers to seal. The filing was a little slower than expected, and I ended up filing on both parts. But it worked, and they are ready to install in the morning.

I cooked this evening, the diced pork (tenderloin and ham) in a egg, pork, potato, cheddar taco mix. Two down, two to go.

11 pm and still above 70°F. Definitely spring.

A start

Posted on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 at 4:20 pm

I got the truck jacked up, took the rim off, and I found dry rot in the rubber outer coating of the flexible hydraulic hose to the caliper. My first thought was that I’d be sorry if I didn’t replace it. I followed my first thought and ordered one online. It says it will be delivered here tomorrow. Considering that I paid as much for shipping as I did for the part, it better be here tomorrow. I’ll need to reuse the banjo bolt (hollow) and pads, the rest is new.

I put the rim back on and tightened the lugs enough to where it would hold without marring thread, without tightening enough to need being put the tire on the ground to remove it again. It’s still jacked up and on the stand, chocked, and ready to continue the job when the hose arrives. If I need brake pads, they’re available locally, and I can let someone else replace them, as I won’t have to tow the truck to get it done. There is no scarring on the rotor, so it hasn’t reached metal yet.

The good news is that the plumbing is fixed. Tada! 24/7 hot water on tap. Bathing, washing clothes, etc. So that is finally in the rearview mirror. I can bathe and wash clothes when the truck is fixed.

Been in the mid-70s most of the day, partly cloudy. Windows open. Nice spring day.

I didn’t need to go into the clinic to get my scripts renewed. I sent in a log of my BP readings, and the doctor said they’re good enough. Waiting to see if I need another appointment or if I can cancel. Okay, I just got the message for cancellation. Next visit, August.

Today is two weeks from the first injection of Moderna. I should be around 90% efficiency (real world vs efficacy clinical). This is not to say I don’t need the second injection to bolster the longevity of the immunity. But I should be right up there at max now. The main concern now is not becoming a carrier.

I haven’t cooked yet, even though the kitchen sink has been functional for days. I ate the last turkey sandwich today. Not much of the diced meat left. But there is boudin and Popeye’s in the fridge, and plenty quick fix in the freezer. I’m not hurting.

Rub a tub tub

Posted on Sunday, March 7th, 2021 at 3:19 pm

I decided to move the brake caliper replacement to tomorrow. It warmed to the low 70s, but then dropped back to the 60s. I decided to scrub the bathroom tub instead. It’s been sterilized and descaled, so it’s proper for bathing.

It also gives me a little more R&R. My body is in pretty good shape now, but it could be better. It was borderline for the chore today, it will be better tomorrow. So while I want my wheels, I’d be better off waiting until tomorrow.

It gives me a little more time to go over the manual, which covers multiple versions. It’s not that difficult, pins and clips, mostly. I have all the tools, hammer, punch, screwdriver, wrenches, and c-clamp, plus jack, stand, and chocks. And the DOT3 and bleeder kit.

So I may cook eggs ackley tonight. Maybe. The avocado should be ready. And it should allow me to thaw some of the Popeye’s. And there is probably jambalaya in the near future.

I just rescheduled the doctor appointment a week forward. That should give me ample time to get the truck fixed without cutting it tight. It takes the pressure off the process gives me the option to procrastinate if need be.

Slothful Saturday

Posted on Saturday, March 6th, 2021 at 10:23 pm

My body was sore and achey this morning, and it was on the cool side, with a strong northerly breeze. Because of the dust issue from the wind, and with the way I felt, I was convinced to postpone the brake job. Thus, slothful Saturday was launched.

I didn’t cook. I didn’t clean. I opened the windows when it reached 70°F, and I relaxed and let my body recover. The most strenuous thing I did was top off a tire on the truck that picked up a nail, creating a very slow leak (about 1 psi per week). I will take it in to get the tire fixed when I have functional brakes. I filled the ice bin and trays, taking second place.

I finished the movie and watched newscasts from the week. I ousted Myka from the LZB repeatedly. I was definitely gravitatively challenged for a fair portion of the day.

I managed to make a smoked turkey/bacon/provolone sandwich this afternoon. To no surprise, it put me to sleep. Fortunately, I had shut the windows before I dozed. It never got above 72°F.

I am feeling better tonight. Enough of the aches from oddly angled plumbing contortions have abated. I should be able to tackle the caliper replacement tomorrow.

Sinking feeling

Posted on Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 1:38 pm

I have a kitchen sink again. Hubba hubba hubba. I can cook and wash dishes again. Hubba hubba. Myka can get a drink from the faucet again. Hubba.

The 15 foot garden hose was perfect for blowing out the clog. The reassembly of the drain took a little tinkering, but there were sufficient parts available. Once things were snugged up, it was tight. Back in business again.

It’s currently 75°F, sunny, a light breeze, and the windows are open. Aaaah. My kind of weather.

The caliper arrived. No hurry to inspect it. One project at a time.

Tired and sore from all the activity, but I can live with it. Myka snitched the LZB, of course. She got tired watching me.

I’m getting hungry too. Time for lunch. I am planning on eggs ackley, but maybe not right now. I may do a potato/sirloin/cheddar/avocado for the short term, then make the ackley for the other avocado (one is greener than the other). Not getting up and dashing to the kitchen, though. I can wait a while. I’ve already spent a fair amount of time in there today.

Dishes were washed and the sink scrubbed. The infrastructure keeps growing back to status, just in time for spring.

Heat on demand

Posted on Thursday, March 4th, 2021 at 11:26 pm

I can have hot water at the flick of a valve. I have to flick it back off when I’m done, as there is still a leak. The plumber was here today. Progress, but still no cigar.

Made a big store run today, pharmacy, hardware, auto parts, grocery. Was a little busy, but that wasn’t a big problem. The vaccination helps the confidence of being out at busy hours. Got everything on the list.

Rebuilding the kitchen sink drain tomorrow, after blowing out the clog. Then I’ll be able to cook again. I’m thinking jambalaya.

The caliper is due tomorrow. It’s in Hutchins (south Dallas). I have the fluid and bleeder kit. Ready to roll. I’m thinking Saturday for the swap.

I am close to being back on track. Not quite, but close. It’s a good feeling when the logistics pay off.

The continuing saga

Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 at 4:13 pm

Two more plumbing issues. First, a small leak on the hot water, just past the tub (washer feed) that can be turned off with the water heater valve. Second, the kitchen drain is clogged and needs to be rebuilt, as the old metal pieces are rotting. I did a cling wrap and clear duct tape wrap of the leaking joiner pipe on the right sink. I need to manually unclog the drain.

Laundry has been done, at least those I’m not wearing. Haven’t taken a bath yet. Maybe in a bit. 66°F outside, sunny. Most of the afternoons this week will be about the same. No rain in the forecast.

FedEx not showing a shipment yet on the brake caliper, though the order page does. Can’t plan on getting it done like this. End of the week is what it looks like. In the meantime, I hope to get the shifter rebuilt.

Greg Abbott opened the state and dropped the mask requirement. No more COVID restrictions. Idiot.

Clean again. *sigh*

March hair

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2021 at 9:44 pm

I just used a no rinse shampoo. Better than nothing after three weeks. The perfume makes me smell like old people.

No running water yet. I think the problem now is no PVC parts are available at the hardware stores.

No indication that the brake caliper has shipped yet.

Been in the 50s all day. Rain for a fair part of it, some of it heavy. A stay at home, restless sort of day.

Plenty of money after payday, no idea what to buy with it.


Water heater just got turned on. Hubba hubba hubba! Hoorah hoorah!