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Posted on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 at 8:59 am

I was under the impression that the price I paid for the LZB2 was not the least expensive, being from a local store. Turns out, I was incorrect. I was incapable of finding any lower price online. Okay…

I added a standard bath towel under the top pillow, and it adjusted the head angle properly. When it gets broken in, I probably won’t need it. It’s comfortable enough, and it will only get better. A little different than old blue. Higher, easier to stand up, foot rest is a big plus, and the ratchet works.

Myka has taken to it, after she got to use the blanket over my legs. That made her feel at home, so she moved in.

Chore are done. I need to make risotto, a good morning for it. Nothing else on the todo list.

The flautas suffered a $1 price jump. I think they crossed the critical price line for me. They’re nice and easy, but not that nice and easy. Lots of good breakfasts for less. I opened the last packs this morning. I don’t need breakfast anyway, it’s more a ritual to eat before going to sleep.

That’s about it. Getting the chairs swapped to a quick routine pretty much dominated the day.