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It’s not not again.

Posted on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 at 11:13 am

Dizziness is subsiding. Still a touch of fuzz, but no balance or spinning issues. I think I narrowed it down to the spironolactone, which I can drop for a few days if it returns or persists.

Fortunately, the chore list did not expand. Part of that was my inactivity not making for anything to clean up, other than the risotto. Dishes and ice bin is it for now.

I am considering getting some french fries for the chili. And onion rings as a side. I still have all those five dollar bills stuffing my wallet. Dairy Queen is a block over. But it’s Saturday, and I have dogs in the meantime.

There is lots of sunshine today. Window in the office will most likely be closing during the noon hour.