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Posted on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 at 10:27 am

Boudin, pulled pork, and a hefty rib eye are in the kitchen sink, beginning to thaw. Jambalaya will be next, but that will be a few days away. The rest of the month looks to be mostly 80s/60s. Most likely, the AC will not be on, and moderate weather dishes will prevail. Cooler weather dishes will wait until November.

Thinking of a light store run. Used up the last of the fresh litter. A little of this and that, but nothing really dire. I’m still well stocked and need to eat certain items from the freezer before they burn.

I canceled the Apple Arcade trial early this morning. Storage has been paid, all bills cleared for the month. Internet is covered fully for another month from the refund. I have a doctor appointment and blood draw (fast) I need to arrange, covered by insurance. I will also get a Moderna booster. Myka needs her vaccinations, and those will cost. By and large, not counting LZB2, it has been a frugal month.

Falling behind on software updates and digital house keeping. I hope to get some done this weekend. None has been direly needed, but it is piling up.