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2nd gear ice run

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2022 at 11:54 am

I finished off one bag of ice (16 lb) in the freezer, and while I had a second one ready for use in filling the ice bin, I decided to make the run to the self-serve. I made sure to have at least 6 quarters, in case it didn’t accept my one dollar bill, which it didn’t. So I made the right choice in being sure. And I got the bag in the freezer, now at full capacity, good for at least ten days, probably more. Myka has become a heavy ice user too.

Second gear and reverse are both pull to engage, and at the far corners (L&R), so it’s relatively simple to engage those two gears. Second will move from a stand still, top out at 40 mph, and reverse is only needed to back into the driveway. I took the precaution of waiting for plenty of clearance before pulling out onto Market St, twice. Otherwise, it was a smooth run.

The only thing I didn’t foresee was water in the cooler from the Bryan/College Station trip. I should have emptied and dried it over a week ago.

Otherwise, I’m hanging out at home, keeping my schedule intentionally slow and spread out. Zero hurry, zero anxiety. I can probably make it on the bread if it doesn’t mold too soon. I’ll be making a chicken, broccoli, and rice dish to follow the spaghetti, and there is cornbread as an alternative for the heat of the day. Tamales, chicken fajita tacos, pot pies, pizza, and more are on hand as filler without needing bread, in case I decide to forego a new loaf until repairs are made.

I may not alter the kashakas. After a little practice as they are, I decided that it may be best to just use them as shakers. I can clack them, but catching them with the little finger is going to be difficult, even with longer strings. It’s not a quick learning curve. And they are good, loud, double shakers, with wrist action. They’ll add to the toy box in good fashion.