Plant translation

Posted on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at 8:55 am

In 3D, translation is the term used for moving meshes in cartesian space (x, y, z).  And that is the big event of the weekend, moving plants from outdoors into the greenhouse. A cold front with lots of breeze is dictating that everything heads indoors, the most sensitive (well, all the trees, as organization dictates the process) before last night (46°F), and everything else before tonight (36°F).  Pictures will be taken this morning to document the progress.  Resumption of the moving will probably take place this afternoon, once it warms a bit.  BIG thanks to Donnie for help with the trees.


Helen is back from her third chemo session.  She stays in bed most of the time, which is to be expected for the next week  or two as she bottoms out and starts to rebuild.  A run to Houston next Wednesday for biopsy.  The rest will take place in Austin this time around.  She is tolerating this round better than the previous two, but it’s still rough on her.


Fais Do-Do is pretty much a non-event.  Halloween weekend, cold front, Richard Dobson in Houston, all sorts of competition, not to mention we aren’t ready for a party.  (Greenhouse, mowing and grass burs, winterizing barn, etc. all make it a NOT READY for a big crowd event.)  So all in all, I’ll party if people show, but we don’t really expect a crowd.  And if people show, we may put them work moving plants between the fun things.


Personally, I’m tired. Getting the greenhouse ready to accept plants took most of a week among other chores.  A run to Houston to bring Helen home on Thursday, followed by the weekly jam.  Then moving plants.  And another day of moving plants today.  Life is good, but it is sometimes taxing.  I look forward to lots of days off, but that is dreaming.

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