Musical hospitals

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 10:23 am

Helen got moved to Brackenridge Hospital last night to see a specialist about the sore on her left temple.  They seem content to hold onto her for a second week.  The pleurisy seems to be abating, but the sore is not improving.  However, the appetite stimulant is working, and she is eating better.


I am due to run into town this evening to the free clinic near Seton on 38th.  I have been hanging close to the vest for the last week, doing what I can to avoid spending money.  That has run its course though, as pet food is a necessity.  Need more medical cloth tape because of the dressings on Mona’s front left paw have eaten nearly an entire roll.  Poor girl wants to run and play outside, now that it’s stopped bleeding, but it’s not quite healed enough for that yet.  I am glad that I started replacing the bandage package that vanished months ago.  It has come in handy, even if not for people yet.


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