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Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 3:03 pm

The Intel laptop is being finished out.  Today was “what have I forgotten to install” day.  Lots of small downloads, utilities, supplementary apps, etc. being added from the net sources.  It wasn’t all little stuff, as my C4D R14 DVD set arrived in the mail.  Lots of changes since R10.  I still need to add a few things, like a Flash decompiler, etc.  Not that I need that sort of thing, as I already have one on the PPC lappy.  But it would be nice not to need to have both in operation at the same time on a network or use a stick drive.


I managed to put an end to ksfetch, Google’s very intrusive software updater, using my own solution.  I still haven’t lost my edge about things under the hood.  And my replacement of the RAM boards was very smooth.  It’s nice to have the 4G max.  2G was a little too tight for comfort with 10.7.5 and these new big guns.


Estate business proceeds, not all good news, but not all bad either.  The lawyer laid out the worst case scenario, which was rather upsetting to Jim.  But there is still hope for sustaining Helen’s dream.  It just won’t be quite as easy as projected prior to the visit.  But we shall persevere.


One issue that I won’t discuss here was my bane for the last few days.  But it seems to have worked out okay, despite the cruelty intended by the person(s) who perpetrated the act.  It was upsetting for several days, but things have settled down a bit.  It was not the way of choice, but it performed something necessary for the future of the estate.  So it sort of backfired on them.

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