Metallic Tiles

Posted on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at 6:23 pm

I was reminded of an incident in the 90’s in POV-Ray.  I was working on a procedural texture for some glazed ceramic tiles, and I was quite fond of the results.  I would have honestly loved to have a kitchen tiled with the pattern.  So I made a series of renders with various glass objects in the scene, and I posted one on my web site ( in those days, my ISP).  A week later, I got an email from a gentleman who was interested in buying the tiles in 50,000 item lots.  It  was a difficult reply to write, telling him the tiles were only virtual.  But it told me that I was on the right track.


Looking through the old stuff, we sure did render small images back then.  We have been spoiled by the newest generation processors when it comes to speed.



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