Rigging in modo

Posted on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 12:13 am

Went to Autodesk’s 123D website and grabbed the robot kit (bashing) for 123D Design, a free bashing studio, where you can assemble pieces together and make modifications.  The export from the website is in STL, which C4D r14 can convert quite nicely, with the aid of Riptide Pro.  I threw a selection of parts (random style selection of 1-5 for the parts).  Head, ear, torso, left upper arm, left lower arm, left hand, same for right side, waist, left upper leg, left lower leg, left foot, same for the right side.


The purpose for this is a quick rigging exercise.  There are no morphs or bends on a robot, just smooth gears and bearings.  So it will be bare essentials without tagging the mesh with weighting.  Simple, but many pieces to tie together (16 joints).  It needs material zones and texturing too.



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