Posted on Sunday, November 24th, 2013 at 8:51 pm

I have been doing cross work between modo and RealFlow at the particle level, banging my head against the learning curve.  I have been downloading tutorials, learning GUIs and digging for where all the important buttons and menus are.  It’s very heady stuff, thick in behavioral rules and limits.  But it is great stuff, especially for animation.  Liquids, smoke and fire, replication, scatterings, and more are all things that can be parented to the particles.  Realistic waterfalls, pouring booze in a glass, dodging fireballs, volcanos, dancing fairies, magical forces, ants at a picnic, and so on.


The mechanics are pretty much what you’d expect from Newtonian physics.  Gravity, wind, acceleration, collisions, viscosity, density, and so forth, so I’m in my element.  It’s the way it’s all tied together to mimic physics.  Some of the methods don’t resemble the target action.


And then there is tying together rigging and particles with behavioral relationships.  When you turn the faucet knob, the water starts flowing.  When the trap door opens, fire erupts.  The mechanics are not that difficult.  The software is pretty logical.  But it takes familiarization, knowing where to look for what and how much.  These are the things that require doing to gain skill level.


It’s cold, travel is risky (wintery mix/freezing rain), and other than having a check to deposit in Hempstead (22 miles one way, no branch of my bank in Brenham), I have nowhere to go.  Pepsi at a decent price is two blocks away.  I’ll be banging my head against the learning curve a lot in the week ahead.

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