2014 started with… Photoshop.

Posted on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 at 9:49 pm

My blood pressure has been keeping me grounded, as well as the edema I’m having as a reaction to the chlonodine.  I think that I figured it out, though.  I think that I’m dehydrated from the diuretics.  So I’m laying off them, and just dealing with my feet by keeping them elevated.  And I’m in a hydration program.  Lots of water, never far from a toilet.  *Sigh*


But I have been spending a lot of time familiarizing myself with plugins in Photoshop that I finally got installed.  That is the one area where I dragged tail all year.  My CS6 PS has been a bare bones operation, until now.  I had all those pesky little photo-manipulaton apps (Instagram cones) on the iPad and laptop to learn.  I never had time to address the Photoshop plugs.


A lot of them won’t get shown here because of copyrights.  Some of them shine very well, demand attention.  My problem is that everyone I know is too old to photograph as a vanity.  It’s all documentation now.  So I’m stuck playing with wallpapers from Google images.  Nice photos, but not something I’d risk posting.  I’ll just say that I like mixing the new generation plugs with Hollywood faces.  The results can be most impressive.


I guess I’ll have t dust off the camera now and go somewhere, as soon as I get my body to behave.

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