Faint 53 year old memories

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 9:31 pm

Internet searches can be fruitful, if somewhat frustrating, if you only know a tiny piece of what you are seeking.  For me, it was a short comedy routine on TV in a series relating to doctors.  The comedian, whose name I couldn’t remember, was passing time with an attending nurse at a hospital, mocking a fictitious nurse getting ready for a date, an assistant aiding.


“File!”  “File.”

“Comb!” “Comb.”

“Tissue!”  “Tissue.  Tissue?  I don’t even know you!”


The guy was not mainstream, he landed a few TV roles, mostly he was circuit stand up.  That was the sum total of my memory.  Doing a search on the net with such limited and dated information is not easy.  I tried 50’s and 60’s comedian. Vegas, Hollywood.  The punchline.  I tried wikis, IMDb, Google by the score.  Nothing turned up.  It felt like a big shot in the dark that wasn’t even close.  I was glancing images by the thousands, couldn’t find the face I remembered.


That was it.  I was ready to quit.  I put in the punchline one last time, and I got this weird reference to Hollywood Squares.  From that point, it all fell into order on short notice at IMDb.


Dr. Kildare s01e05   A Million Dollar Property   1961

Jan Murray, playing next to Anne Francis.


Odd that I didn’t remember Anne Francis, though in that part of the show in my memory, she hadn’t made her entrance yet.  Still…..  I was a skeptic at that age (10).


Another piece of useless information made possible by the internet and a dash of perseverance.  That nagging hole from 53 years ago is gone.

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