Ol’ OneEye

Posted on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 6:35 am

I am getting very tired of what seems to be the new trend in self-portraits via smart phone cameras.  I’ve put up with the extended arm or reverse text on T-shirts of photos in the mirror, even the camera in the mirror shot (barely).  But the one thing that I am getting tired of seeing is the tendency toward portraits with only one eye in the frame.  I’m not talking about hair covering one eye or a side shot.  It’s only part of the head being in the frame, revealing only one eye.  And while I’m fussing, the 45° from vertical trend is another artsy idea don’t fly with me.  I’m sorry, but bad photography is bad photography, no matter how chic or cool it is to those who practice it.


Here is a list of bad photography trends in the hip new digital phone age:

Bad lighting, no one understand how important good lighting is or even what it is.

45° angle framing, monkey see, monkey do, how cool!

One eye, like wow, how cool is that?

Cutting off the head at the eyebrows.  Phone cameras are dumb bait.

Holding the camera in the mirror.  Text on shirts backwards.  Duh!

Trashy filters, as if they are masters of image modification.

Piercings and tatoos, such conformists, boring!  Wait until they’re 50.

Shooting the bird, so original, like they understand what being bad is.  Posers!  Yawn.

Making faces.  They obviously are not comfortable with their faces, so they have to distort it to be photographed.

Pathetic expressions. Digital is cheap, shoot another.  Never learn how pick out a good image.

Bad focus.  No one even looks to see if something is in focus or not, just shoot!


Example of both 45° and one eye.  Looks like an accidental exposure.



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