Shifting gears

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 8:13 pm

Funds became available Tuesday, so I was able to get into business mode for a change.  Convalescence lasted long enough, I hope.  This weekend will tell.


Went to Bryan yesterday, got the license sticker and insurance slip for the truck.  Also played music for several hours, giving my pads a pre-party break in.  Good music.  Ended up getting a break on some expenses to boot.  It was fun, to say the least.


Figured the belt on the pickup (newly replace belt shredded part of its width) is a matter of pulley alignment.  I’ll see if I can align the pulleys before putting on the new belt (virgin).  For the time being, the narrower belt seems to be working okay.  A  job for April, or at least post-party, by my estimation.  I hope it won’t be a roadside operation.  But I can handle it if it is.


Tomorrow kicks in the Fling.  I’ll pack tomorrow morning and scoot.  I was hoping to get laundry done today, but logistics dropped that idea.  I have enough clean clothes to last me through the party and to south Austin.  I’ve got the boudin, 12 pounds worth.  Got it on special, so financial serendipity there too.  (Got a Lone Star card today, to complete the trifecta.)

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