Multiple Crashes

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 2:53 pm

Crash #1 – Body is in rehab.

Crash#2 – Cell phone died.

Crash#3 –


The party was a rowdy one.  Everyone was bouncy, full of energy, full of music.  The food was quite good, as always.  I thought my boudin was going to be unique, but there were six others presented.  It all got eaten.  I didn’t play as much music as I expected, but that’s okay.  I wore myself out anyway.


Got to Austin, settled in.  In the morning, the cell phone died.  It’s the phone, not the battery.  Replacement unit is in Brenham.  So I’m without a cell for 11 days.  I’ll survive.


There were other crashes, but I’m not in the mood to discuss them.

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