The slow days

Posted on Saturday, June 21st, 2014 at 8:52 pm

I don’t usually talk about the slow days, days where nothing gets done because I don’t have the energy.  Now I can waste a day as well as anyone I know, but this is not just run of the mill laziness.  This is a fatigue, not severe enough to stop me from doing daily routines, but still very limiting.  If I make a run to the store, it’s generally in a small time window where I feel up to it.  And then I have to rest for an hour or two.  An overnight outing like Bryan comes along maybe once a month.  I’ve missed four or five of them because I just wasn’t up for it.  I can feed myself, do all that sort of daily stuff on most days.  But more than that can be a challenge.


Part of it is the weight.  It’s not easy on the frame, back, hips, knees, respiratory.  It takes more energy to move.  And that raises the level of energy needed.  It’s contributory, not the primary reason.  It’s something else, an imbalance.  Nothing particularly hurts, nothing is calling for attention, but it’s not smooth, like an engine running too lean.  Diastolic has been running high since the water weight gain.  And that alone isn’t it.  It’s a number of things all tied together, and no easy answer.


Fortunately, I am as adept at amusing myself on slow days as I am on the intense ones, as long as the internet works…..

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