Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 11:48 am

Back from Bryan, an enjoyable, if somewhat taxing, visit.  Cleaned up the shop for Doug, still on the injured list.  It was no small cleanup.  But the party was enjoyable.  I wore out my pads and came close with my voice.  There was a whole swarm of complements, much to my surprise.  Miss Lette was there, first time to see her in 20 years.  It was fun.  Alicia and I sat in the shed after it shut down and reminisced about the shed’s role in our lives, until I mentioned that it was 4:40 AM.


I had a good time this month, seeing friends I haven’t seen in some time.  It was a warming tour, lots of laughter, lots of hugs, lots of smiles.  It wore me down to a nub, but it regenerated my spirit.  No doggy bags, though.  I have tons of food already.


Now I need to hibernate and let my body recover.  I am tired and sore and partied out, and smiling.  Let Christmas pass me by.  I’m content.

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