Back again

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 3:36 pm

Got back to the man cave this morning, and Myka was very pleased to have me back to supervise her entrance and exit from the house.


Wet is the key word.  There has been some intense rainstorms in the last week.  In fact, I woke this morning to a heavy rain on the roof.  I avoided  Texas 50 and Texas 6 out of concern for flooding.  I went out Texas 21 to Caldwell and got hammered with some hydroplaning on the road (minor, not enough to pull over).  But the run down Texas 36 was rain free, though the path did cost me a little extra gasoline.  I have seen a lot of swollen creeks and soggy fields.  I never consider that as bad when heading into summer.


Nice to have my recliner back.  Took a nice long nap after gobbling down a plate of shrimp poppers.

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