No rain in Texas

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at 2:57 am

The radar belies the fact that Texas is drying out.  Dew points are still in the high 70’s despite clear skies across the state, and daily highs are steadily in three digits.  Even the wifi signal is getting funky because of the heat.  I will be glad when the bulk of my existence is larger than a single air conditioned room again.  I look forward to cooking again.


I may have left the ISS chat on UStream.  There was a weird incident that tipped the scales for me.  The troublemakers and the idiots have been something to tolerate because the plus side was worth it.  But that changed when some of the plus side got weird on me.  It’s not all the group, but enough.  There are still many people there whose company that I enjoy.  Time will tell if I feel that it’s worth it to continue.


I may be balking on the radiator.  It’s just too hot to be yanking a radiator loose.  I am hoping that it will hold until the weather cools.

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