Wet stuff

Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2016 at 12:24 pm

Had between four and five inches of rain in the last 14 hours, closer to five than four.  Not far to the south and east, some places have had 12 inches or more.  I had to wait until 4 AM for the thunder to subside enough to go to sleep.  But I have not floated away.


Myka is in trouble for repeatedly biting me, five times in a week.  The worst one was Friday night.  Right now, she is banned from the office (except last night to sleep in her bed during the storm).  The bites have all happened in the office, very sudden and out of the blue.  So it’s at the point where she is not allowed in here where the bites have taken place.  She’s had a little jail time and treats have been restricted, but no physical punishment.


Still in waiting mode on the bureaucracies, all on the state levels.  I will make some calls if I don’t see any action by the end of the week.


Spent a couple of days making up for my year and a half absence at Turbosquid.

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