Posted on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at 3:20 pm

Been spending the contents of the groceries card the last couple of days.  $210 gone in two shopping trips, $30 yet to be spent by Saturday evening.  Midnight Saturday, the turning of May 1, the card dies.  I want the final balance to be $0.00.  I can’t think of anything left to buy, so I’m thinking pastrami, ground tenderloin, utter extravagances.


The freezer is a solid mass.  No way I can put anything in there.  Same with the cabinets.  The fridge is the only thing that has any storage space, and I’m close to the spoilage limit, but not there.  So that is where the final purchases will be focused, expensive stuff to be eaten within the week.  My instinct is to buy a 10 pound bag of chicken leg quarters, but there is no way that I could handle that, too bulky.


It is something to go against my instincts to scrimp and save.  But it’s also not my instinct to let money go down the drain.  I’m having no moral dilemma spending it, just going against the grain of habit to go into the store and strictly whim shop, with the only restrictions being “Do I have a place to put this?” and “How easy will it be to fix in the heat of summer?”

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