2 TB down

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2016 at 1:14 pm

Well, the 2 TB USB drive (3D collection) crashed.  Fortunately, it was all backed up and cataloged on the 4 TB backup drive.  Whew.  I have been having cut out problems with the USB in general, but I reset the SMC (System Management Controller), and that might have solved the problem.  Unfortunately, it may not have been soon enough to save the 2 TB drive.  I was able to bring up the drive, though there were problems, but now it won’t mount and it won’t display in Disk Utility.  I don’t know if it’s the drive or the USB controller, though probably the latter.  The data is still probably on the drive.  It’s probably cheaper, not to mention easier, to get another drive unit than a new housing for the hard drive.  Another expense I don’t need taking away from the new Mac purchase.  But at least there is no loss of data.  But I won’t be doing any 3D for a while, until I get another drive.


Since the SMC reset, the mouse has been steady, the catch all drive works fine on USB again, and things look okay, at least for now.  I’m hoping it stays that way.  There were a number of small problems, such as the temperature monitors, that were also giving me problems right before I’d lose the mouse.  So I think the solution is the right one.


Looks like I’ll be getting internet here, AT&T looks to be the choice.  Another $50/month drain on the finances.  I was hoping to sign the contract today, but alas, the USB issue has prevailed, setting the cleanup back another day.  I need to get some sleep.


For what it’s worth, the temperature has been downright pleasant with the Gulf system keeping everything overcast and rainy.  Had a low of 72°F last night.  I haven’t seen a temp that low since May.

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