Staying over

Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2016 at 10:44 am

I’ll be in Elgin for New Year’s.  I’m staying over a few extra days to see the new year in before heading back to Brenham.  Stopped packing yesterday, fortunately I hadn’t gotten too far when plans changed.


It’s considerably cooler today, a brisk wind out of the north dropping the temp inside a bit.  Yesterday’s 80’s won’t be around again for a while, but neither will freezing temps.  Myka has opted to stay inside this morning, as I haven’t been out to keep her company in this blustery weather.


One fringe benefit is that the extended stay allowed me to order takeout from Morelia’s.  Enchiladas Del Mar and Cajun Pasta, two of my favorites.  Dining on the porch here yesterday in the 82°F gentle breeze with Myka buzzing around my ankles was a delight that helped end the year properly.

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