Deep in installations

Posted on Sunday, January 29th, 2017 at 11:33 am

In the nut and bolt stage for almost a week.  It’s been a lot of relatively slow downloading, with much of the stuff piling up in a folder.  Mixed in with this is looking at the new features of the ones I have installed, some massive learning curves ahead.  This is going to take several more days to get everything squared away on the hard drive before I put installation brain behind me.  (This doesn’t mean that I won’t be adding software for quite some time, it just won’t be the big ticket stuff.)


Been eating a lot of traditional meals lately, lots of bird in the mix.  Turkey dinner, chicken pot pie, etc.  Not that it’s all been traditional.  I am eating quite well.


Sleep has been pretty erratic, too many technical details bouncing around in my head, keeping me from easily falling asleep except after a big meal.


But the end result is that I am getting back in the digital swing with the new refurb.  It should be a lot fun to play with in a few weeks.

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