Harvy 4 (fin)

Posted on Monday, August 28th, 2017 at 7:53 pm

Made a store run at the very tag end of the rain mass, swinging around from the north.  Two stops and a few bucks later, on the way home at 7:30 pm, the setting sun broke through in the west and shone its rays on me for a few brief moments.  The sun is no longer peeking through, but the western sky is a deep golden glow.


So, fare thee off and gone, Harvey.  I’m going to call it 14 inches total, 71 hours duration.  I’m going to celebrate with a supreme pizza, extra cheese and veggies, with parmesan and pepper flakes.  I may as well use the oven before it warms up again.


I saw a few people out sweeping the streets of tiny debris, mostly leaves. I saw no tree damage.  It looked pretty much like any rainy day closure.


Bye, Harvey.

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