Sleeping it away

Posted on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 at 12:12 pm

A little better today after a long sleep.  At this point, sleep seems to be the cure.  The loose fluids are absorbed best during sleep, the digestive tract settles and shrinks best, and the healing proceeds more quickly without motion and stresses.  So, the 11 hours I logged in last night seemed to have helped considerably.


Still not 100%, but the discomfort that has been nagging for the better part of two weeks has let off to a bearable level.  Now I need to regain my stamina.


The last two weeks were an epic ordeal of pain and discomfort.  One hundred forty pain level 10 abdominal spasms left me with a new definition of endurance.  Right now my tolerance to pain is incredibly high.  I had 32 staples removed without a local or oral painkiller without a single flinch.


I can sympathize with the new outlook for opioid addiction, but the new rules for painkillers in post-surgical recovery have gotten far too conservative.  Hydrocodone is not a replacement for morphine for intense post-surgical pain.  The definition of breakthrough pain needs closer scrutiny.

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