Three weeks

Posted on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 at 7:44 am

Three weeks ago, the scalpel began its incision.  That means that I’m half-way through the six weeks limitations.  At times I feel great.  At times I’m sore in particular spots.  At times I want to sleep all day.  Right now, I’m dealing with a painful case of gas.


I’m tired of the downsides.  My navel is the difficult part, as it is the most stressed part and the longest to heal because of the complexity of the incisions, repairs, and the mesh.  I read tonight that Alfred Hitchcock had his navel removed during a surgery.  In a way, I envy him.


I can get around well.  I can drive, shop, do most things that don’t involve lifting things more than 10 pounds.  It’s just that I’m very weary of the parts that keep cropping up that involve pain and discomfort.  I deal with them without a lot of complaining, but at heart, I am beaten down and need recharging.


Then again, it’s only been three weeks.

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