Posted on Monday, December 11th, 2017 at 6:45 am

Morning of the 67th.  I was half expecting to be in Elgin today to celebrate, but that fell through.  And I appreciate being home and the chance to be lazy.  The last of the smoked boudin is being thawed.  (Discontinued production.)


The clutch on the truck is fixed, and it feels more like a racing machine now.  It was over $200 more than I expected, but that is mostly due to the heavy duty parts being more expensive.  Still…  But it rolls well.  I just need to gain the habit of using the hair trigger.


Package from Amazon due today.  Silicon ice cube trays, meat tenderizer.  I got some sirloin on sale to test the tenderizer.  Second alpaca sweater due on Wednesday.  It was the second to last one available.  I was waiting on a better selection of colors with a restocking, but that failed to materialize, so I grabbed just before they were history.


Tomorrow, I make contact with the first dentist on my list.  But today, I laze.


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