Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2018 at 7:05 am

First visit to the dentist was last Friday.  Got a panoramic x-ray and mold sets done.  I go back on June 8th for the slice and dice.


So I have time to eat spare ribs and other chewy things for a couple of weeks.  And did I make enough of them.  14 ziplocks, with at least two ribs in each, sitting in the fridge, waiting for the freezer to be juggled.  Those two rack packs go a loooong way.


Strange online event concerning the ribs.  In chat I was talking about them, and a 40 year old woman thought we were having a gay booty call.  She was so uptight and immediately judgmental, snap attack on our innocent conversation that she saw as perversion.  That woman sure had a dirty mind under that self-oppressed exterior.  Aggressive politics is everywhere these days.  Could make for an interesting piece of fiction/social commentary.

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