Farewell to June

Posted on Saturday, June 30th, 2018 at 5:39 pm

As usual, this is a slow time of year.  Ten weeks of summer ahead, A/C humming along.  Not much to talk about.  Cleaning house, cooking, etc, mostly during the night when it’s relatively cool.  Jambalaya and sausage gravy due up next.


Things are quiet.  Season of the vampire shift, sleeping the heat of the day away.  Tonight is the six month shift, storing emails, etc.  Receipts and snail mail files tucked away.  General data cleaning for the second half of the year.


Got a portable console box for the truck seat this morning.  Got tired of holding my drink with my legs.  It has an adjustable drink holder, perfect for the water bottle.  I can even rest my elbow on it, sort of.  I may modify it a bit for that.


Six days to the final surgery.  I’ll be glad to get it behind me.

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