Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Six months after getting the scanner, I finally got the software installed and the unit working.  Actually a good image, considerably better than $55 price tag would indicate.  And I like the flexibility of the output, capable of doing what I want it to do, which is just placing the image in the folder I want without trying to do a bunch of other stuff.  I like its mix of simplicity and quality.  The prolonged delay says much about this year thus far.


Now the next task is plugging in the external disk recorder.  I have a bunch of DVD backups to burn.


The last of the big recipes have finally been consumed, dishes washed.  As hot as it is, doing a lot of easy grazing from the fridge, cabinet, and microwave, for which I am well stocked.  Thawed out ham and stadium bratwurst.

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