Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at 4:56 am

Another packing day today, getting ready for the shift to Austin.  Myka will be staying in Grandma’s, and I’ll visit her a few times.  She’ll do better better here than in Austin, not to mention two fewer trips.


Rainy weather overall, and today is forecast to be a wet one.  First real cold front moving through, yeilding sunny skies tomorrow, with a 10 to 15°F drop.  Lows projected in the upper 50’s.  Glad I brought warm clothes.


Got the truck washed, though there is still more to do.  But it shows a marked improvement.  I got various cleaners for the second round, interior and exterior, as well as rust treatment and a spray wax.  (Not going to do a full wax, not worth the effort.)  Now that the heat has abated, I can spend some time getting it looking a bit better.


Life has been good in exile thus far.  Miss my internet, but it’s not for that long.  Stephen’s seafood gumbo was superb.  Can’t complain.

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