Wrapping up exile

Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 at 8:12 am

I’ll be heading home with Myka on Thursday.  Today is the last day here without chores.  Packing starts tomorrow, though there isn’t a whole lot of stuff to pack.  Most everything is in boxes already.


Off to storage today to grab a few things.  It won’t take long.


Been running a few tests on the truck, looking to clean, polish, and wax it before TRD.  I think I have it down as what to use for which function.

1) Strip years of dirt and funk.  Purple Power.

2) Rub out the oxidized paint.  Rubbing compound.

3) Wax it to retain the shine.  A spray wax for starters, a solid wax later.

I also have a spray on rust converter for the few places it need it.


I have decided on fajita turkey for TRD, made beforehand and packed in an aluminum pan to be oven warmed.  It’s due an unveiling.

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