Jambalaya night

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 at 7:38 pm

Got a batch of chicken, shrimp, and bbq pork loin jambalaya resting on the stove.  The weather is turning cooler, so it will be a nice warming dish for the next few days.


Kitty attacked the planters with Myka’s oat grass, taking out at least 60% of it.  I’ll need to bring it in for the next few nights, so I may end up replanting, at least the small aluminum tray.  It got hit worst by the dirt digging cat.  I’ll probably sacrifice what remains of it to Myka and just start over fresh.  I was lucky to have a wire basket over the big one as a leaf shielding cage, which prevented total devastation..


I broke down and ordered new zipper sliders, this time from Seattle, on the far coast.  Hopefully one of the two will eventually reach me.  Not particularly happy with USPS now.

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