Posted on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at 9:27 pm

The rain stopped and moved on, now the cooler temps move in.  Myka’s grass is back inside, which means she’s on the desk staring me down politely.


The days are moving toward solstice, still shrinking, sunset earlier, sunrise later.  Looking at a 60s/40s thing for the next few weeks through solstice.  Ran across the song Don’t Get Up from The Gong Show Movie.  A good tune for this holiday season.  It was earwigging, so I learned the chorus.

C G C C7 F Fm C A D G C


The zipper on the alpaca is fixed.  (I am prone toward an emoticon of ecstatic bliss here.)  I now have a zipper repair kit that won’t stop.  Now I can forget the logistics that brought it together.  Ugh!


I’m digging in for the winter.  Time will get me through to the spring.  I am well prepared for the cruise.

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