Sassage gravy

Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 at 10:04 pm

Just made some sausage gravy from the Brookshire Brothers market pan sausage.  It’s another comfort food for me, taking me back to the market sausage at Mariel’s in Montgomery.  I’ve got plenty of biscuits, gold potatoes, and wheat bread for the accompanying options.  So no store runs for items on which to pour it.  A couple of spuds cooking now.


I have scrapped the boudin balls, as they didn’t meet my expectations.  So I decided to make a double batch of my fudge brownies on Friday, and the ingredients are in hand.  It’s been a long time since I cranked out a bunch of those yummy sugary mega-bombs.  It will be a less fuss for me at the party Saturday, more time for playing music.


I’m not bummed about the multi-cooker purchase.  I can use it to fry fresh, skin on, gold potato fries with sea salt.  I even got ketchup today.  I know I will nuke far more spuds than fry, but the option is nice, as well as frozen foods that can be fried, like shrimp (another comfort food) or scallops.


Having a bit of edema, gaining fluid weight at a steady pace, and I have sock bevels on my shins.  BP is also a little high.  I dread making a doctor appointment, but I might after the 25th if it keeps up.  Grrr.  My diet has been pretty good.  It’s the irbisartan, I’m pretty sure.  Kind of reminds me of the clonidine bout I had in the winter of ’14, but not as intense.

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