Microwave weekend

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2018 at 10:47 pm

The fajita turkey/veggie/rice soup and cheese risotto turned out quite well and are cohabiting the middle shelf of the fridge together, along with the jambalaya. Add a few alternatives to break up the routine, and they make for a very fine pick and choose microwave diet for the remainder of the year. I will see out the end of 2018 quite happily sated with a minimal effort.


The warm weather was swept away by rain and wind today. A 15-20°F drop from the comfortable days of the first part of the week. It will be getting close to freezing a couple of nights next mid-week after the new year. But it will be bearable.


So far, Myka has looked at the oat grass trays in the bathroom window, her nose knowing full well what they are. But they remain in place undisturbed. Alas, I have not harvested from them yet, as they are about two to three inches tall, shy of first cutting. A good crop thus far. Time will tell. The big pot is almost useless at this point. Between Kitty and light deprivation, it’s not going to last much longer. But I think the transition will be smooth, if Myka behaves.


I have managed to keep the edema in check, but I’m not certain if it will last. So far, no appointment made. Time will tell. The compression socks and recliner have helped some, but not all the fluid has receded.

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