Change of plans

Posted on Saturday, December 29th, 2018 at 6:29 pm

Well, I won’t be home for New Year’s after all, I’ll be in Bryan tending critters. Ellen broke her hip and will be having surgery on Monday morning. I’ll be there from Sunday through Tuesday, less than 48 hours. I won’t need to take off until tomorrow afternoon, arrive before dark to be introduced to the new dogs, etc.


I’ll need to eat up the risotto, because it won’t last that long. The partial soup too. I can take the full soup with me, as well as the rest of the jambalaya. Pastrami and cheesecake too. I’ll probably get my black eyed peas and cornbread from an eatery or HEB.


I’ll leave music stuff here. I don’t expect to be playing. Computers will go. Basically clothes, meds, digital, and food. Grab a bag of ice. Ultra-light, won’t take me long to pack.


*Sigh* Life is never what is expected.

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