Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2019 at 12:54 am

Truggling / truggle isn’t a word in the Oxford English Dictionary. In slang circles, it derives primarily from “struggling”, a sense of losing badly on a regular basis. But there is another slant on it, a typo from “truly” > “trugly” which got upgraded to truggle, and carries a meaning of someone who is a total joy with whom to spend time. There is also the slant derived from “tree juggling”, which can be either juggling saplings or juggling while hugging a tree. And then of course, there is the truggling artist, one who is financially comfortable, but trying not to look like it.

Now far be it for me to say that I’m rich, but I have a small cushion. In the song Rich Man, Poor Man by Peter Yarrow and Peter Zimmel, there is the line: ‘A rich man eats when he wishes, a poor man whenever he can.’ In that case, I’m rich.

I haven’t been particularly productive recently. But part of that is the medical thing, a shift in focus to repair and maintain physical issues. And there is the shift from visual to audio. The Egee has made its mark on me. So I’m still technically an artist. But the spark is not at its brightest. So truggling does bear some merit, but again it’s January and Trump is president (in the legal sense).

I am extracting .max files from download archives before storing them away on the external. Doing what I can to keep it tidy.

And to note, I’m dropping the paragraph periods, which were required prior to the current version of WordPress. I can make the period, then delete it, and it will keep the spacing. That had gotten really old, glad to see it gone after all these years.

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