Planning committee of one

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 at 4:03 am

Looking at my medical appointments for February and other upcoming events. Dental (6 month), ophthalmologist (12 month, College Station), and primary (6 month and blood work). And I’ll have a bank run to Bryan next week that coincides with a Music School. All sorts of stuff going on in the next three weeks. But not so much for the next week.

Sketti tomorrow. Today was a light grazing day between major dishes. It felt good to go light for a change.

Been doing computer house cleaning, made pretty good progress. One folder left to manage, 130 archives to trim of useless formats. It’s not taxing, but it does take time and rhythm. It’s good to see the gigs melt away from the internal drive.

It was a dull gray and cool day, and a chance of rain later today and tonight, though I don’t expect much. Not going anywhere anyway. I got all my errands run yesterday.

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