Cold, cold world

Posted on Sunday, January 20th, 2019 at 12:27 am

Edging toward freezing tonight. Not a hard freeze, but nonetheless not a night to be outside. It will start warming tomorrow.

The shifter on the truck is having a problem, twisting to the left, making it difficult to shift into first and third gears. I think it might be the pin on the driver side of the stub. It needs new bushings anyway, so a kit from San Antonio is $15 plus shipping. It might be cheaper, and it could run about $60 if it needs a new stub. But better than $300 for a new Hurst. Done all my homework, so I’m ready to take a peek when it warms up.

Moved the oat grass temporarily from the widow, because of the freeze. It’s sitting where Myka can see it, but can’t reach it. Poor girl. She so wants to splurge on salad.

Pretty much over the HCTZ reaction. I just hope the edema doesn’t return.

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