Daylight in your eyes

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 4:27 am

Picked up the Blaze Foley song Picture Cards. Got it in the book, correct chords and all. Now to learn it.

Got the stick shift fixed. The bolt that holds the lever to the stub was loose and backing out of the slot. Strange bolt, with an offset wedge in the middle with a flat face for the slot. Took it off, cleaned it up, a couple of threads sheared 120° from wear, but no loss of grip when I reassembled it. So I’m back on the road as needed. I will rebuild the shifter in the spring. The bushings are gone. New habit to learn in shifting.

Today is MLK Day, no mail or bank. One more round of spaghetti to go, so I’ll be thawing pork loin (diced in baked potato).

Saw the eclipse for a couple of minutes, directly overhead. Neck craning in the cold of a winter night has its limits.

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