Ping pong

Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at 2:07 am

It’s raining and cooling back down again, squelching travel plans, after a brief southerly breeze that allowed the house to be opened and Myka to get outside when I went out to dig up lithium grease in the truck to lube the chair so it wouldn’t squeeze while I am recording, which led me to check out hardware cloth online to Myka-proof the screen door. Is that Rube Goldberg enough?

Break that down. Had a brief warm spell, but that is gone. The front rolled through and turned back the Gulf breeze that had it in the 70s today. The house was open, a nice breeze airing out the house. Was a pleasant day, but expecting back near freezing tomorrow night.

My office chair was getting irrationally squeaky, so I went out to the truck to get some white lithium grease for the moving parts in the swivel and rocker beneath the seat. I left the main door unlocked, because I was only going to grab the grease, a 30 second task. But the grease was hiding beneath other stuff, and it took longer. The extra time gave Myka enough of a chance to find the courage to slip through the screen she had broken free at the base. She was not in a mood to be contained, and she slipped off to the neighbors and other flaked my attempt to circle behind her and guide her back toward the door.

I went back inside and waited, knowing it was futile to try to corral her. A pickup pulled into the neighbor’s driveway to turn around, and that was enough to convince her that maybe being outside wasn’t such a good idea after all. I let her come in of her own accord and closed the door behind her. And as with every jaunt outdoors, she got a dose of Advantage Multi. Thank you, truck driver, whomever you were. I don’t think that she will be venturing out anytime soon.

I will be repairing the screen door before spring, but it will be reinforced with hardware cloth. It will be Myka-proof. I’m not going to watch her bust another screen by launching herself at the door to scare the strays that wander onto the porch when the weather is warm.

Got the melody and chords down on Picture Cards, but not the words without reading them, and the picking is still on the rough side. But I’m making progress. Pretty.

A note to song writers, never start a song with “I was sitting at home”, especially “I was sitting all alone at home”.

Too cold to go to Music School tomorrow. Price of gas nudged up for a couple of days, but seems to be dropping again. Not that the two are related, as the tank is too close to full to top it off.

Baked potato with pork loin, cheese, and avocado when I get hungry enough to quit snacking.

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