Fire and ice

Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 3:49 am

The gradient temperature range (Δ) for the continental US at 3 am CST for 1/31/19 is 113°F. It ranges from 64°F at the Florida Keys to -49°F at Fort Frances, Minnesota. It’s currently 47°F here.

Skipped another Music School. Last one I attended was in September. Not that I haven’t played music with others, the list is fairly long, though not this last month. But that is typical for January.

Closing in on spring as we move into February. I am looking forward to an early spring, as we’ve had for the last few years. I could survive the disappointment if it lingers, but I’m looking forward to wild flowers and days with the house open all day.

I am gearing up mentally for next week. Four medical appointments (counting lab for a blood draw).

The spatulas are in Brenham and should be delivered today. Spatula Madness!

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