Blast from the Past

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2019 at 7:16 am

I started wondering if I could remember the names of friends when I was in elementary school. There have been a number of discussions of memory recently, and it seemed like a good test of long term memory. (Short term memory is the first to fade, but long term is an issue as well.) To my surprise, I remembered all the names, including how to spell them.

A couple of those names sparked idle curiosity, so I did a little investigation on the net and came across a web page for my high school graduation class at Waltrip in Houston. Talk about nostalgia overload. The 50th reunion is coming up in October. Suddenly, I feel quite old. (Nah, not really.)

The local HEB finally got customer check out. A little puzzling at first, but a quick learn and a nice addition. My only complaint is that it didn’t accept one of the in-store coupons.

Been having a string of days wth high temps in the 80s. Next few days will see 70s, and then another cool front by week’s end. Glad I didn’t wash the alpaca just yet.

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